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ThreatResponder, an AI-based Integrated Endpoint Security Solution Launched in South Korea

Original Source: https://www.ddaily.co.kr/page/view/2024030817200787591

[Digital Daily Reporter Choi Min-ji] CS announced on the 6th that it had secured domestic distribution rights for ‘ThreatResponder,’ an endpoint security solution from NetSecurity, an American information security company, and established a supply system. Since its establishment in 2004, NetSecurity has been providing solutions to U.S. government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

The ThreatResponder solution is a next-generation solution that integrates all endpoint security functions into a single platform. It provides the overall cybersecurity functions, including threat detection, prevention, response, analysis, intelligence, hunting, investigation, and forensics, on one platform. In addition, it manages thousands of endpoints in batches through a lightweight agent and supports responding to internal and external security threats. The explanation is that integrated security control is possible with a single platform without the need to build each solution separately. Through this, it is possible to reduce costs and achieve operational efficiency at the same time.

Remote incident response and large-scale forensic investigation functions are also supported. Detects zero-days, exploits, and malware using threat intelligence, MITER techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) while immediately isolating infected or damaged endpoints and supporting automatic malware analysis. do.
CS said, “This solution is being used by overseas government agencies, finance companies, manufacturers, etc.” “It is recognized as a certified solution for investigating security breaches by U.S. A-rated insurance companies.”
Cho Jung-geun, Executive Director of CS Information Security Business Division, said, “ThreatResponder allows us to manage endpoint security in a single window.” He added, “The integrated endpoint security platform is being launched in Korea and provides cost efficiency. “Companies in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, and logistics, can now expect cost benefits along with new levels of operational efficiency and improved forensic capabilities,” he added.
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