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Investigate Windows endpoints that are infected/compromised
and offline, on-line, dead, in on-premises, remote, or the cloud,
with speed and accuracy

Challenges of Investigating Windows Endpoint Compromise

    • Investigating dead or offline endpoints is time consuming and prone to errors
    • Using multiple tools to triage, often omitting crucial evidence not available without raw disk Access
    • Inadequate specialized skills in forensics or incident response, resulting in hiring an expert consultant

    The Solution ThreatResponder® FORENSICS

    ThreatResponder® FORENSICS is a ”chip off” ThreatResponder® PLATFORM.

    Is an agentless stand-alone software (which requires no installation) that allows ANYONE to investigate ANY Windows endpoint ANYWHERE the endpoint may be--whether on-premises, in the cloud, offline, "dead" hard drives, with or without an Internet connection

    No software installation is necessary; simply run the executable and start seeing results in minutes!

    Allows you to pinpoint when and how an endpoint got compromised or infected and under what user context

    Helps you determine if data was exfiltrated and save thousands in (potential) consulting costs

    Allows you to examine the system in a forensically-sound manner without the risk of "spoiling" the evidence


    Quickly identify and mitigate threats and reduce impact of business disruption

    Perform remote enterprise investigations on any endpoint anywhere – local, remote, or cloud

    Conduct legally defensible investigations

    Use by anyone – from novice IT to seasoned forensics professionals

    Reduce cost of investigations

    ThreatResponder® FORENSICS for SOC Operations

    Short-staff in your SOC operations? Integrate ThreatResponder® FORENSICS as part of your SOC and do more with limited resources and with little or no experience in forensics.

      • Detect exploit, fileless, and malware attacks
      • Monitor process, file system, registry, network, and memory activities
      • Leverage threat intelligence, IOCs, signatures, MITRE ATT@CK techniques, behavior, and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to detect threats quickly

      Forensics Investigation

      Gain situational awareness and insight into the extent of a breach

      Know the dwell-time of malicious activities since the target endpoint was commissioned

      View the timeline of events since the system was installed to the present time

      Incident Remediation

      Immediately identify and neutralize threats within minutes of conducting the analysis

        Are you suspecting that one of your remote endpoints has been compromised? Have you isolated or shut down a machine that is infected? Whether a Windows machine is offline or online, in the cloud, or in a VM, or you have a drive or VMDK file of a machine that is acting “strange,” you can leverage ThreatResponder® FORENSICS to get answers quickly and implement appropriate remediation actions.

        Datasheets and Screenshots

        Gain a better understanding of the capabilities of ThreatResponder® FORENSICS

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder Capability Brief

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder Capability Brief

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder Capability Brief

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder IR Datasheet

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder IR Datasheet

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder IR Datasheet

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder Use Cases

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder Use Cases

        NetSecurity ThreatResponder Use Cases

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        How do you know that your organization has not already been compromised by a nation-state or insider threat actor? 

        A chip off ThreatResponder® Platform, ThreatResponder® FORENSICS is a standalone executable for investigating Windows endpoints that are infected or compromised, with speed and accuracy. Whether the endpoint is offline, online, dead (physical or virtual hard drives), and located in on-premises, remote, or the cloud, you can execute legally defensible forensics investigation against any Windows endpoint from the comfort of your home or office. Best of all, there is no experience necessary to use the software.

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