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Partnering for a more comprehensive solution for our customers

Partnership Program

ThreatResponder partnership program offers unparalleled benefits to our customers and partners

    ThreatResponder® Platform Provides 361° Threat Visibility of an enterprise and offers the capability to detect and neutralize the most advanced cyber threat in real-time. Join our partnership program and together we will provide customers with total threat visibility and situational awareness of their assets. Our cloud platform scales easily and covers millions of endpoints/assets per organization. Partners work with us because NetSecurity offers the following:

    • The highest profit margin because we have less overhead and less management bureaucracy.
    • The most opportunity to grow your solution and business by providing threat intelligence, analytics, prevention, detection, response, and hunting solutions for your customers.
    • Ultra-fast response and increased collaboration with and access to our security experts, responders, researchers, architects, consultants, and developers.
    • Unparalleled customer service.
    Partnership Opportunities

    • Technology Partnership

      Technology vendors can leverage ThreatResponder® capabilities to detect, respond to, and neutralize advanced attacks. We integrate with other technologies to offer best-in-class security solutions for the customers.

    • Reseller Partnership

      Is your firm already a cyber security solution reseller, distributor, or integrator? Reseller Partnership provides you with the opportunity to increase your revenue. You add value by leveraging ThreatResponder® to your portfolio of solutions and offering your customers unique cyber capabilities (not seen in other products) to prevent the next zero-day or ransomware attack. You can market, sell, and integrate our superior cyber solutions that are cost-effective for the customer.

    • OEM Partnership

      Embedding ThreatResponder® technology into your OEM devices and technologies provides you with the means to detect and prevent current and future attacks.

    • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

      Do you offer managed security services, or are you interested in offering this service? Include ThreatResponder® Platform and detect, respond to, and protect malicious activities. Add value to your security offering by detecting never-before-seen advanced malware or threat activities — and prevent them.

      Use ThreatResponder® to grow your solution and business by providing threat intelligence, analytics, prevention, detection, response, and hunting for your customers

    • System Integrators & Consultants

      Security practitioners that are already helping their clients solve today’s security challenges often are aware of or charged with identifying the next emerging solution that can solve determined cyber threats. The partnership model is ideal for experts who are not interested in sales but in hunting the most optimal cyber solution with high ROI for their customers. Practitioners are compensated for any closed opportunity.

      This partnership type allows integrators to grow their offerings and business by providing threat intelligence, analytics, prevention, detection, response, and hunting services. Are you currently or planning on investigating data breaches or performing incident response activities? Deploy ThreatResponder® and instantly answer the questions of who, what, where, when, why, or how, relating to an incident. Detect current incidents and incidents that happened weeks or months ago with ThreatResponder®. Significantly reduce investigation time resulting in increased revenue and profits.

    Become a Partner

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