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Stop Advanced Cyber Attacks, Data Breaches, and Insider Threats

Who is Hacking Your Network™?

Traditional anti-virus, firewalls, EDR, and security products miss advanced attacks and data breaches. With the game-changing ThreatResponder® innovation, you gain situational awareness and immediate threat visibility into thousands of endpoints, allowing you to respond to and neutralize cyber attacks across your enterprise.

Introducing the ThreatResponder® Platform

One Lightweight agent Multiple Use cases

  • Analytics
  • Detection
  • Prevention
  • Intelligence
  • Hunting
  • Response

An all-in-one cloud-native endpoint threat detection, prevention, response, analytics, intelligence, investigation, and hunting product

One lightweight agent (“Rover”) with a single pane of glass

Stop nation-state, insider, and hacker threats

Protect your macOS, Windows, and Linux systems in the cloud or on-premises

The New Yardstick for
Endpoint Security

ThreatResponder’s unparalleled innovation is the new yardstick for endpoint protection. Replace traditional and ineffective anti-virus, firewalls, and security products with one lightweight agent (“Rover”) to gain threat visibility into and control of each enterprise endpoint.

Multi-Platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Remote IR and Forensic Investigations

Offensive Capabilities (for Law Enforcement / Intel Communities)

File Explorer with Ability to Manipulate Files/Directories on an Endpoint

One Platform. One Single Pane of Glass. Many Capabilities (Detection, Prevention, Response, Intelligence, Hunting, Analytics, DLP)

Endpoint Security Health (“Vital+Sign”)

Inbound/Outbound Bandwidth Utilization Per Process, User, Endpoint

User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Neutralize Threats in
Real Time

Machine Learning (ML) & Behavior-Based Algorithms

  • ML-based detection
  • Behavior of malware and threat actors
  • Attackers’ TTPs
  • Malware-less techniques

Signatures + Known Indicators

  • Signature of known malware
  • Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)
  • Policy Enforcement

Threat Intelligence (Internal/External)

  • File Hashes / Name / Paths
  • C&C IP Addresses, URLs, Domain Names, Email Addresses
  • User Agents, Mutexes, etc.

Core Engine

  • Ingests Threat Data
  • Combines ML and Behavior-based Algorithms, Signatures, IoCs, and Threat Intelligence


Pinpoint Threats &
Mitigate Risks

ThreatResponder enables organizations to identify active threats and vulnerabilities

With ThreatResponder deployed to your cloud, virtual machines, and physical systems, you protect these assets from determined adversaries. The product provides threat hunting capabilities, which allow you to sweep thousands of endpoints for vulnerabilities, indication of attacks/threats/compromise, or policy violations. The Platform enables you to pinpoint risky activities and mitigate the risk identified across the enterprise in real time.

Extend Your
Cyber Capabilities


Compromise / Breach Assessment


Ransomware Prevention


Security Health of Your Assets


Continuous Threat Detection, Prevention, and Hunting


Incident Response & Forensics Investigation


Critical System Hardening & Application Control


Insider Threat / Data Loss Prevention / User Behavior Analytics


Threat Intelligence

Why Organizations Choose

  • Save Money

    • Prevent Costly Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches
    • Eliminate Ineffective Technologies and Gain High ROI
    • Reduce/Eliminate Cost of Investigations
    • Significantly Reduce the Cost of Security Operations

  • Gain Situational Awareness and Quickly Make Informed Decisions

    By deploying ThreatResponder to protect your network, you gain threat visibility and pinpoint adversarial activities so you can quickly make informed decisions to prioritize and mitigate enterprise risks.

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property and Maintain Competitive/Strategic Advantage

    Avoid business and operational disruption, protect crucial assets and maintain a competitive and strategic advantage.

  • Boost Efficiency and Productivity of Your Security Team and End Users

    Stop employees and users from violating policy and enforce strict security policies at the endpoint. Do you want to prevent users from running specific programs or performing particular operations on certain corporate assets? ThreatResponder enables you to implement granular security controls so that your staff is more productive.

  • Stay Compliant (FISMA, PCI, GDPR, SOX, HIPAA) and Avoid Fines

    Not complying with regulatory requirements could mean steep fines and penalties. By deploying ThreatResponder across your enterprise network, you protect your crucial assets and maintain regulatory compliance such as FISMA, PCI, GDPR, SOX, and HIPAA.

  • Improve Shareholders’ Value

    Adopting ThreatResponder as your security arsenal eliminates unnecessary security operations costs, thereby increasing your shareholders’ value.

  • Preserve Your Reputation and Image

    Deploying ThreatResponder protects you from a successful compromise, ensuring that you avoid unwanted media coverage and maintain or improve your business reputation.


has been Trusted by Critical Organizations

for 16+ Years



NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder Platform provided comprehensive services in detecting, responding, and preventing serious and prevalent cyber attacks. It allows us to focus on our core business in delivering infrastructure and digital transformation services and building confidence with our clients.

– Thuan Nguyen, CEO, Whonome, LTD


ThreatResponder is a very innovative and essential cybersecurity platform. By deploying the ThreatResponder Platform, our team can detect and prevent advanced cyber attacks that existing security products were not able to detect. As a result, we have eliminated ineffective technologies and now gain situational awareness of all our technology assets. With ThreatResponder, we are better positioned to prioritize and mitigate enterprise risks timely and cost-effectively.

– Jim Brundage, VP Operations, CKA

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