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ThreatResponder Beats Competition with 98 Percent Malware Protection Rate

Today marks a significant milestone for the NetSecurity family. ThreatResponder, our advanced AI-powered cyber-resilient endpoint platform, has achieved new heights in the rigorous tests conducted by AV Comparatives. Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and traditional antivirus and endpoint protection software often falls short of providing comprehensive protection. Enter ThreatResponder, an all-in-one cloud-native cyber-resilient endpoint platform by NetSecurity, which has proved its advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities and stood ahead of its well-funded competitors.

Who Are AV Comparatives?

AV Comparatives is an independent organization offering systematic testing that checks whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. Using one of the largest threat collections worldwide, it creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing. It is known for its stringent testing methodologies that simulate real-world scenarios to assess the effectiveness of security solutions. Their testing process, particularly the Malware Protection Test, is designed to evaluate a security program’s ability to protect a system against infection by malicious files before, during, and after execution. In the recently conducted March-April 2024 tests, ThreatResponder was tested alongside other traditional endpoint security and antivirus softwares.

AV and Endpoint Protection Tools Tested by AV Comparatives

ThreatResponder Beats Well-Funded Competitors with 98 Percent Malware Protection Rate

ThreatResponder demonstrated exceptional performance in the Malware Protection Test, detecting and neutralizing 98 percent of the attacks in its default out-of-the-box setting. This impressive result places ThreatResponder ahead of many well-known competitors, and this achievement is even more remarkable, considering that these competitors have invested billions in developing their tools.

NetSecurity ThreatReponder Outperforms Other Major Competitors

NetSecurity ThreatResponder Achieves 98% Malware Protection Rate

In addition, ThreatResponder stood on par with its competitors, with an average false positive rate on non-business software files. Note that to be certified as an “Approved Business Product” by AV-Comparatives, the tested products must score at least 90% in the Malware Protection Test, with zero false alarms on common business software and an FP rate on non-business files below the Remarkably High threshold. The 98 percent detection rate with zero false positives achieved by ThreatResponder is a crucial metric in assessing a security solution’s effectiveness. This high detection rate indicates that ThreatResponder is highly effective at identifying and mitigating threats before they can cause harm.

False Positive Rate on Non-Business Software – Tested by AV Comparatives

See Full Test Results Here: https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/business-security-test-march-april-2024-factsheet/

NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder: Your Modernized Defense System

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, traditional security measures are often insufficient. CISOs need a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that goes beyond perimeter defenses. This is where ThreatResponder by NetSecurity comes into play. ThreatResponder is an all-in-one, unified, cloud-native, machine learning-driven cyber-resilient endpoint security platform.

ThreatResponder, designed and developed by NetSecurity, is an all-in-one cloud-native cyber-resilient endpoint platform that embodies these very principles. Packed with cutting-edge technology, ThreatResponder empowers you to consolidate security, harness the power of AI, automate digital forensics and incident response, gain real-time insights, enhance threat hunting, and simplify threat and vulnerability management

ThreatResponder is more than just a product; it’s a paradigm shift in how you approach cyber security. It equips you with the tools and intelligence to proactively anticipate threats, swiftly respond to incidents, and ultimately, fortify your defenses and keep your digital assets safe and protected.

These pillars collectively create a formidable defense system against a wide range of cyber threats. However, in an ever-evolving digital world, there’s always room for improvement and expansion.

It is designed to provide cybersecurity teams with the necessary tools and insights to defend their organizations effectively. Let’s take a closer look at the core features of ThreatResponder:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Endpoint Detection and Response is a critical component of modern cybersecurity. ThreatResponder continuously monitors endpoints (devices and servers) for signs of suspicious activities, such as malware infections or unusual behavior. When a threat is detected, ThreatResponder responds in real-time to mitigate the risk, making it an invaluable asset in threat containment and incident response.
  • Identity Threat Detection and Response: User identities are a prime target for attackers. ThreatResponder analyzes user behaviors and privileges to identify suspicious activities and potential threats. By understanding user identity and access patterns, it can detect unauthorized access and protect sensitive data from breaches.
  • Forensics: In the aftermath of a security incident, forensics play a crucial role in understanding the attack and its impact. ThreatResponder provides detailed forensic capabilities, helping CISOs and their teams analyze the scope of an incident, track the attacker’s movements, and collect evidence for potential legal action.
  • Threat Hunting: Proactive threat hunting is essential for identifying threats before they cause significant damage. ThreatResponder equips CISOs with advanced threat hunting tools, enabling them to search for hidden threats, vulnerabilities, and indicators of compromise within their organization’s network.
  • Vulnerability Detection: Identifying and patching vulnerabilities is a fundamental part of cybersecurity. ThreatResponder helps CISOs stay on top of vulnerabilities within their organization’s systems and applications, allowing them to prioritize and address weaknesses before attackers exploit them.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Modernize your threat detection capabilities with our ThreatResponder platform today. Contact NetSecurity to learn more and request a free demo.


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