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Computer forensic investigations focused on obtaining and reconstructing activities from various storage media

NetSecurity Forensic Labs

Digital and cyber forensics center of excellence

Staff with licensed and certified investigators

Processes that withstand legal scrutiny

State-of-the-art secure computer forensic lab

Well-defined quality assurance program

NetSecurity Forensic Labs is a state-of-the-art secure facility for performing high-profile investigations and conducting research and development in endpoint security.

NetSecurity Forensic Labs

Providing legally defensible complex investigations

NetSecurity Forensic Labs is a secure state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with tools and technologies in advanced computer forensics and cyber security. Our lab is staffed with software developers, forensics and security practitioners, and researchers who are continuously helping clients to solve complex and challenging forensics problems.

Our research projects include malware research, product review and testing, new forensics tools and technologies, anti-forensics tools and techniques, security trends, and the latest hacker Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)

Our research and development efforts resulted in our flagship innovation — ThreatResponder® Platform. The Malyzer™ module of ThreatResponder® enables malware analysts and forensics investigators to perform malware analysis with the click of a mouse.

Managed Endpoint
Detection & Response

Gain around-the-clock visibility into threats facing your enterprise endpoints and prevent advanced adversarial nation-state, hackers, and insider threats

    Advanced threat actors or rogue employees may be exfiltrating confidential information from your organization and flying below the radar to steal your intellectual property. Leveraging the ThreatResponder® Platform, we detect, respond to, and prevent advanced cyber attacks targeting your organization in real time. With ThreatResponder® you gain 361 deg threat visibility and detect threat activities on endpoints regardless of the operating system – Windows, macOS, or Linux. NetSecurity gathers threat data and fuses this with threat intelligence enrichment to produce actionable threat intelligence of attackers’ TTPs. NetSecurity detects attacks and assists you in proactive risk mitigation.

    Detect sophisticated attacks

    Neutralize threats in any phase of the attack kill chain

    Mature your security program and stay compliant

    Computer Forensic Investigations

    Digital forensics expertise requires more than an in-depth familiarity with the latest forensics tools and technologies of the trade. Forensics requires deep experience with computer architecture, operations, operating systems internals, network operations, hackers’ TTPs, cloud platforms, and storage systems. Most importantly, forensics needs to be conducted by trained professionals who follow legally defensible forensics investigation processes in a secure lab. We leverage our state-of-the-art NetSecurity Forensic Labs in conducting our investigations. NetSecurity has assembled a team of professionals to conduct computer forensics investigations. Our experts include practitioners such as computer forensic specialists, computer hacking forensic investigators, malware analysts, incident handlers and responders, network forensics analysts, and mobile device forensics investigators. Our engineers, researchers, analysts, and forensic experts have proven skills in auditing, privacy, risk management, security assessment, penetration testing, computer security, systems administration, database systems, email administration, wireless networks, cloud platforms, and complex network design and operation. We leverage our deep knowledge in these areas ensuring that “no stone is left unturned” during each forensic investigation. Our forensics and discovery methods make certain that collected evidence can stand the rigors of legal scrutiny. NetSecurity works with you to investigate computer systems and to determine whether they have been used for criminal or unauthorized civil activities. We conduct forensic recovery and analysis on desktops, servers, systems, network devices, mobile devices, IoT devices, cloud platforms, and removable media in a wide variety of formats. We recover deleted, hidden, and encrypted files, construct system usage activity, and determine whether an intruder has compromised a computer. We help determine any data that the attacker modified, accessed, copied, or deleted. Our computer forensic specialists, computer hacking forensic investigators, and other digital forensics specialists ensure that NetSecurity’s computer forensics investigations are focused and adhere to industry best practices for obtaining and reconstructing activities from data in various storage media embedded systems and operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

    Storage Media

    • Hard drives
    • Computer networks
    • Email systems
    • Database management systems
    • Mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets
    • IoT devices
    • Cloud platforms/storages
    • Backup devices
    • Cloud emails (G-Suite and Office 365)

    Types of Investigations

    • Business email compromise (BEC)
    • Data breach/loss investigation
    • Network hacking
    • Intellectual property theft
    • Computer misuse
    • Corporate policy violation
    • Mobile devices
    • Malicious software/applications
    • System intrusion and compromise
    • Encrypted, deleted, and hidden file recovery
    • Illicit pornography
    • Confidential information leakage

    Data Breach Investigations

    Detect, respond to, and prevent advanced attacks in minutes

    Have you been compromised or do you suspect that you have been compromised? Do you want to know for sure? If so, NetSecurity has the tools to help you detect threat actors, disrupt the attackers’ infrastructure, evict the adversaries, and prevent future incidents.

    NetSecurity performs high-profile data breach investigations for enterprises such as retail outlets, the gaming industry, the technology sector, government agencies, and corporations. Leveraging our ThreatResponder® Platform, we quickly ascertain if a breach has occurred in your enterprise network. Instead of mobilizing a brigade of incident responders, we leverage ThreatResponder®, deploy the agents (“Rovers”) to suspect systems or to the entire enterprise. Within minutes we begin to detect any data breach or exfiltration activities. As part of our data breach investigation, we detect, respond to, and prevent attacks. Most importantly, we provide recommendations on how to reduce attack surfaces to prevent future attacks.

    Malware Analysis

    Disintegrating malware to understand its capabilities, risks, and mitigation

    Static Analysis

    Dynamic Analysis

    Code Analysis

    Reverse Engineering

    Threat Intelligence

    NetSecurity’s expert software developers, security researchers, and investigation practitioners have conducted thousands of computer investigations. Some of these investigations involve malicious software or malware-less techniques. Our commercial product, ThreatResponder® Platform, aids our malware analysis. We leverage ThreatResponder® to quickly analyze a malware sample and to leverage threat intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and behavior rules to detect malware with high fidelity. Our expert malware analysts possess the knowledge, tools, and processes required to conduct malware analysis and to produce a report that is legally defensible.

    Cyber Incident Response

    Preventing business interruption by answering the who, what, when, why, where, and how

      Many companies have crisis management plans to cover natural disasters or unexpected employee concerns. It also is important to be prepared to handle cyber security incidents before any occur. A well-executed response can reveal the true extent of a compromise and may prevent future occurrences.

      Our analysts have created methodologies to evaluate, mitigate, escalate, and contain incidents. We assist you in the creation, implementation, and rollout of your incident response capability. NetSecurity helps you create policies and processes to ensure that security incidents are resolved effectively in the least amount of time. Most importantly, NetSecurity ThreatResponder® Platform automates the data collection, threat analytics, and detection of malicious activities. We help tell the story and answer the questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how an attack occurred.

      NetSecurity has fully equipped and experienced responders with years of experience in information security intrusion detection. We assist you in all aspects from securing the system or network through data acquisition and forensic analysis. We help investigate systems, networks, operating systems, database systems, and other infrastructure components. NetSecurity is extremely nimble, which ensures that we respond to any security incident quickly. We take the additional step of securing the compromised system, forensically preserving the data, and analyzing the evidence to determine the perpetrator.