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Arming cybersecurity professionals and researchers with the tools, tactics, and procedures to stay ahead of the adversaries

Hands-On How-To®
Cyber Training

Real-world training to prepare you with the
knowledge to counter the most-sophisticated attacks

    We have taken a page from the medical profession: Resident doctors in all disciplines are trained in a hands-on learning environment that emphasizes practical knowledge and problem-solving skills to handle the stress of real-world scenarios. At NetSecurity, we have adopted the same approach in our training program. Our security training program integrates hands-on exercises with real-world simulations under expert supervision. Our methodology ensures that participants receive personal attention and learn to apply our lessons to their work environment and systems. Real experience translates to success in solving problems. Our methodology helps participants use their newly learned skills that will lead to future career growth and marketability.

    Computer Forensics Investigation

    Incident Response & Threat Hunting

    Pre-Breach Planning

    Security Awareness Training