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How to Improve Cyber Security Visibility to Detect Advanced Threats?

What is Cyber Security Visibility, and Why is it Important?

Cybersecurity visibility refers to seeing all aspects of an organization’s digital footprint, vulnerabilities, and risks. In addition to the ability to view security controls, security visibility includes areas of vulnerability created by implementing inadequate controls. Cyber security visibility also helps improve cybersecurity performance by recognizing potential threat vectors and ensuring the proper security toolset. Getting the right level of visibility is like playing whack-a-mole with a leaky dike. To achieve this, an organization must have a comprehensive view of its entire digital footprint. This can include activities that are outside the firewall, as well as remote offices and cloud services.

Relation Between Cyber Security Visibility & Cyber Security Posture

A security posture is a framework that describes an organization’s approach to addressing cyber risk and managing threats. It includes strategies and controls that enable it to successfully prevent and recover from attacks. On the other hand, cyber security visibility allows organizations to better understand the underlying assets and potential vulnerabilities and can use it to improve efficiency, security, and performance. Visibility also enables organizations to identify and manage their organization’s various digital assets and activities. This includes the complete control of their devices and endpoints and the threats and weaknesses within their digital ecosystem, including the health of the assets.

Things to Consider for Enhancing Visibility

Cyber Defense Matrix

Cyber Defense Matrix is a project of OWASP, and the cyber security teams can use it to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in the core functional areas. Security functions are mapped across the horizontal axis in the matrix, while infrastructure components are mapped vertically. The horizontal dimension in the cyberattack matrix captures the five operational functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, while the vertical dimension captures five assets classes that are to be secured. Visibility is about identifying and detecting attacks, so focus your attention on the tools listed in the Identify and Detect column, as shown in the figure below.

Know where you stand

It is highly critical to understand your current level of security visibility to determine the expected and realistic maturity level in the visibility. You must have a clear understanding of technical, operational, and organizational visibility to maintain a sound security posture and prevent cyber attacks. Let NetSecurity’s Security Assessment professionals audit your organization to determine where you exactly stand in terms of cyber security visibility and cyber security posture.

Know Your Threats and Attack Vectors

Cyberattacks are most often carried out through vulnerability exploitation or social engineering to transmit malware inside an organization, such as phishing attacks. To enhance cyber security visibility, you must be aware of the possible potential threats and attack vectors. Let NetSecurity’s Security Assessment professionals audit your organization to determine where you exactly stand in terms of cyber security visibility and cyber security posture.

How ThreatResponder Improve Your Cyber Security Visibility?

NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder is an advanced cloud-native EDR solution with unconventional capabilities to provide 361° threat visibility of your enterprise assets regardless of location. Its diverse features and advanced threat detection and analysis engine can help your team identify the loopholes in your organization, monitor the health of the assets, and detect the most advanced cyber threats, including zero-day and ransomware attacks. It can also help automate incident response actions across millions of endpoints, making it easy, fast, and hassle-free. Let NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder EDR increase your cyber security visibility so you can take care of the cyber threats.

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