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Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are necessary to protect businesses from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and attacks are targeting multiple endpoints. As cyber adversaries continue to improve their malware and increase its effectiveness, cybersecurity threats are beginning to undergo significant changes. Hackers find more creative and unique ways to infiltrate networks, and endpoints are their ultimate goal.

Cyber ​​threat actors are constantly refining their tactics and are sometimes able to bypass the most sophisticated security measures. Organizations face a higher and more complex environment at risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks, even with dedicated IT professionals. More than ever, companies of all sizes are outsourcing some or all of their cybersecurity to MSSPs.

Endpoint detection and response solutions can help protect businesses from cyber-attacks. Cyberattacks can be prevented by understanding the different types of protocols, exploits, tools, and resources used by malicious actors. Additionally, knowing where and how attacks occur will ensure you take preventive measures to protect your systems.

While threat defense tools can automatically stop most attacks, the most sophisticated and damaging attacks require detection and response. These endpoint attacks are often low-level and slow attacks that require manual review by analysts. Often, the only way to identify these attacks is through analysis of activity over time and machine learning across data sources.

With cybercrime and ransomware attacks on the rise, IT security is more important than ever for organizations of all sizes. Modern cybersecurity threats render traditional endpoint antivirus solutions ineffective, and they can be easily bypassed by evading detection. As more employees work remotely in a hybrid work structure, this risk increases, leaving many on-premises-focused solutions inadequate.

As the number and sophistication of cybersecurity threats steadily increases, so does the need for more advanced endpoint security solutions. Today’s endpoint protection systems are designed to quickly detect, analyze, block and contain ongoing attacks. To do this, they must collaborate with each other and with other security technologies to give administrators visibility into advanced threats, resulting in faster detection and remediation response times.

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Cyber security threats and ransomware attacks are increasing at a tremendous pace. It is extremely difficult for cyber security analysts and incident responders to investigate and detect cyber security threats using conventional tools and techniques. NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder, with its cloud-based machine learning threat detection engine and its diverse capabilities, can help your team detect the most advanced cyber threats, including APTs, zero-day attacks, and ransomware attacks. It can also help automate incident response actions across millions of endpoints, making it easy, fast, and hassle-free.

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