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NetSecurity delivers world-class digital forensics, cyber security, and training solutions that protect your valuable information assets proactively
Solutions Overview :

NetSecurity is a leader in information security consulting. We have successfully delivered security services and solutions to both private and public sectors. Our hands-on consultants are security experts with significant years of experience in protecting customers' critical business assets. Our consultants have assisted organizations in protecting servers that are among the most visited and most hacker-targeted systems on the Internet.

NetSecurity realizes that prudent business practices require that information security technology processes and initiatives align and support business processes and objectives. To this end, our tailored consulting service portfolio focuses on information risk management, which employs cost-effective rock-solid protection, and ensures that your security capabilities are still supporting your business objectives and directions.

NetSecurity security lifecycle
Compliance Solutions :

NetSecurity provides solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements of your organization, including:

  • GLBA
  • PCI
  • SOX
  • SEC
  • OMB
  • SB 1386
  • ISO 17799
Security Assessments & Audits :

NetSecurity provides the following security assessments and audit solutions:

Vulnerability Assessment :
The effectiveness of existing security controls is crucial in the continued success of an organization's security strategy. NetSecurity will work with you to identify security weaknesses associated with your network, operating systems, servers, and system applications. Our consultants will also help you identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities associated with your wired and wireless networks.

NetSecurity gathers network information, and in some cases, simulates a malicious intruder. Then, we run automated scanning tools and use manual testing to discover system vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability assessment service provides a thorough, hands-on security assessment to ensure that the security of your network and system is appropriate to your business and operational needs.

The vulnerability assessment report includes analysis of findings along with a detailed action plan for improving your systems' and network's overall security posture.
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Penetration Testing :
Measuring how well your security infrastructure will perform against various threats is vital to the success of your information security program. NetSecurity will assist you in identifying the threats faced by your information assets so that you can quantify your threats and mitigate risk appropriately.

Through our penetration testing service, we provide you with a detailed understanding of the exposure to vulnerabilities that your information assets face. We then identify most vulnerabilities and focus on areas in which a compromise would have the greatest risk to your business.

Our consultants utilize the same tools and techniques used by hackers to identify and validate security vulnerabilities of your environment. We systematically analyze this data to determine the level of risk associated with these vulnerabilities and provide prioritized recommendations to help you mitigate risk to achieve your information security objectives.

NetSecurity's penetration testing methodology will result in minimal or no impact on your network, systems, or business productivity.
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Proactive Security Solutions :

NetSecurity can assist you in various security initiatives to help your organization stay proactive. We provide:

Risk Assessment :
To begin a risk management process, the risks to your business assets must be fully understood. This helps you make well-informed decisions on whether to accept, mitigate or transfer those risks.
NetSecurity's risk assessment service provides your organization with an independent audit of your risk posture by identifying assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and introducing strategies to help you monitor, manage, and mitigate risk with measurable results.

Our risk assessment service enables your organization to estimate your security posture related to your business and information system infrastructure. We help you meet regulatory requirements that may require scheduled risk assessments to ensure that your organization remains compliant.

Security Policy Development :
NetSecurity will work with you to understand your business requirement and evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures. NetSecurity can work with you to establish security processes that support business goals and objectives.

Security Awareness Training :
In the physical world, it is generally assumed that what you don't know won't hurt you. The reverse is true in information security - what you don't know can and probably will hurt you.

The weakest link in information security process is people. An organization's information assets will continue to be at risk unless its employees, management, and contractors understand the business' security requirement, their responsibilities, and the need to protect corporate assets. NetSecurity strongly believes that regular training and awareness education are essential elements to an effective security program.

NetSecurity trainers have taught and presented at universities, industry security conferences, and other customized corporate settings, on various topics ranging from Internet security to disaster recovery to e-commerce security. With this experience, NetSecurity can present training materials tailored towards specific audiences such as software developers, help-desk support, operations personnel, and management. Our training can cover any security topics such as emails, passwords, viruses, computer misuse, and other security issues of importance to your organization.

Technology Implementation & Integration :
Information technology continues to grow explosively while new security technologies emerge to protect growing security threats. Organizations constantly face the challenge of selecting, testing, and integrating security products and technologies into their computing infrastructure.

NetSecurity's consultants are closely connected with the security industry. As such, we have easy access to information on new development in security technologies, as well as the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. Our Technology Implementation and Integration service helps your organization assess critical security technology products suitable to your business processes and goals. Further, we work with you to determine the proper installation, configuration, and integration procedures to implement to ensure seamless operation of your networking environment.

Our expertise in these technologies and our unbiased approach to technology selection, assures that your security technology investments provides the highest return on security investment at the same time that your valuable business assets are protected.

This service includes hands-on third-party systems selection, testing, integration, configuration, and installation. Some of the technologies that we have successfully deployed include: firewall, intrusion detection systems (IDS), virtual private networks (VPN), public key infrastructure (PKI), encryption, strong authentication, content filtering, log consolidation, and other emerging technologies. NetSecurity tailor each technology solution to your unique computing environment.

Infrastructure Security :
Security experts agree that a defense-in-depth approach to executing security strategies that meets business goals is the best solution to risk mitigation. NetSecurity's approach ensures that no one technology or solution is relied upon to provide security.

NetSecurity will work closely with your organization to clearly understand your business and technical requirements. Our consultants will review existing security controls in order to leverage existing strategies, recommend, and implement solutions that meet your business requirements.

With our in-depth hands-on expertise in network, systems, and application security, NetSecurity's consultants will assist you by providing security solutions in the following areas:

  • Network Immunization: Secure network design and architecture
  • System Hardening: Secure operating system installation and configuration
  • Secure Application Configuration and Deployment
  • Infrastructure Maintenance: Operational support