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Recent amendments to the United States Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) address the discovery of electronically stored information, expanding the use of a "legal hold" beyond preservation of paper documents.

An organization has a duty to preserve relevant information when it learns, or reasonably should have learned of pending or threatened litigation, or of a regulatory investigation. In order to comply with its preservation obligations, the organization should inform records custodians of their duty to preserve relevant information.

Through NetSecurity's e-discovery solutions, we help you search, locate, and secure electronic information for use as evidence in civil or criminal litigation. We work with you to identify, collect, preserve, recover, and produce electronic data to ensure that you comply with e-discovery requests promptly. Our vendor-neutrality ensures that the most cost-effective e-discovery strategy is executed.

We gather electronic data from storage devices that serve as evidence from all file types, including: text, emails, chat, images, calendar files, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, servers, and other computer applications.