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   The Threat Landscape

Cyber attacks and data breaches continue to be on the rise, with attackers constantly crafting their techniques to fly below the radar of defensive measures. Sophisticated attackers are leveraging malware-less techniques to infiltrate their targets. Human susceptibility makes bypassing security measures trivial. Expert Threat Responders and Security Analysts are very expensive and difficult to retain. Due to the voluminous amount of alerts received by Security Analysts, they are unable to quickly validate or respond to actionable threat intelligence. Most solutions only address threats to Windows platform with no visibility into the threats hidden in Mac OS, Linux, Unix, logs, and network traffic.



ThreatResponder(r) Solutions
   The Solution – ThreatResponder®

Responding to data breaches, network intrusions, and other cyber attacks needs to be performed by thoroughly combing through all possible source of threats at the endpoints, network, and enterprise. With the right expertise, security analytics, machine learning, and threat intelligence feed, a more complete investigation can be performed timely with ThreatResponder®.

ThreatResponder(r) Equation

   ThreatResponder® Capabilities
  • Sweeps hundreds of enterprise endpoints simultaneously for malware, malware behaviors, and attackers tools and tactics
  • Captures live network packets and collects netflow data for deep forensic analysis
  • Provides situational awareness, threat visibility, and contextual intelligence that helps you thwart attacks before intellectual property leaves your organization
  • Detects targeted attacks at the early stage of the attack life cycle
  • Detects dormant (hibernating) and memory-resident malware
   How ThreatResponder® Works

ThreatResponder(r) -- System Architecture


   The Results – Actionable Threat Intelligence

ThreatResponder(r) -- How it Works


   How ThreatResponder® Differs
  • Provides a 361-degree view of the threat faced by your organization
  • Combines capabilities of traditional computer, malware, memory, network, and log forensics tools into the ThreatResponder® platform
  • Provides threat intelligence capability that produces and consumes threat feeds
  • Deploys to run for a few days or many years in a small or very large network
  • Used by Internal Security Teams, Professional Services Firms, or Consultants
  • Costs a fraction of other products that only provide a partial solution to the advanced threat problem


   Benefits of ThreatResponder®
  • Reduce the cost associated with hiring and retaining expert Threat Responders and Analysts by >75%
  • Gain situational awareness of threat campaigns, enabling you to make quick and better informed decisions
  • Prevent, detect, and respond to an attack or data breach quickly and reduce the risk of bad reputation or data loss
  • Investigate threat data from both online and offline systems, eliminating the need to invest in more technologies that may not work together to provide desired results
  • Acquire evidence in a forensically-sound manner to withstand legal scrutiny
  • Receive various procurement options that allow you to deploy the technology to run for a few days or many decades
  • Analyze potentially sensitive files or targeted malware within the ThreatResponder® platform, ensuring your privacy
  • Enjoy a high quality software that is proudly Developed in America, with Headquarters in Dulles, Virginia – outside Washington, DC


Download ThreatResponder® Brochure Schedule a Demo / Proof of Concept